Sunday, July 17, 2016

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Bayh Gets It Going

Evan Bayh is wasting no time getting his Senate campaign going. He did an interview with the Indy Star's Maureen Groppe; you can read a longer version than the one printed in the J&C here. He also released a pretty slick campaign ad. Game on!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Baron Hill Ends Senate Bid to Make Room for Evan Bayh(?)

Democratic nominee for the US Senate Baron Hill announced today that he would withdraw from the race in anticipation of Evan Bayh's joining it. Former two-term governor and senator, Bayh withdrew from the 2010 senate race and was replaced by Republican Dan Coats. Coats is retiring and former 9th District congressman Baron Hill earned the Democratic nomination but was struggling to raise money.

Bayh has enjoyed an approval rating of about 60 percent among Hoosiers throughout his career and, importantly, he has nearly $10 million in campaign funds left from his aborted 2010 campaign. If he enters the race he will automatically become one of the best funded senate candidates in the country. His presence in the race also heightens the Democrats' chances of regaining the majority in the Senate. It is also thought to bode well for gubernatorial candidate John Gregg and even for the possibility of a blue Indiana in the presidential.

As of this writing there has been no official confirmation of Bayh's candidacy, but it certainly raises the hopes of Democrats statewide. Stay tuned!

Here's the Indianaplois Star story on Bayh's plans. And here is Politico's coverage.


On Sunday the Washington Times was reporting that Mike Pence had a 95 percent chance of being named as Donald Trump's running mate. Trump has said it is likely tht he would name his running mate this week, and he has scheduled a rally in Indianapolis for Tuesday. But Trump is nothing if not unpredictable.

Why would Pence give up the governorship to join a ticket that polling guru Nate Silver has given a 20 to 25 percent chance to win in November? National Review's Elainia Johnson writes that Pence confidants portray him as "a battered governor who believes a spot on the national ticket could simultaneously lift him out of a tough reelection campaign in Indiana and make him a top prospect for the Republican nomination in 2020 or 2024." If Trump should win, Pence could be the sitting vice president in 2024 (if Trump doesn't get bored with the job before that).

In the likely event that Trump loses, writes Slate's Jim Newell, Republicans will cast Hillary Clinton as a disastrous president, enabling Pence to play the "loyalty card." Newell writes,
"Here’s where Pence would have a unique advantage over Cruz, Rubio, or any other 2020 prospect who didn’t give everything they had to elect Donald Trump. Any time during the 2020 campaign that they mention something terrible Clinton has done—which will be just about every other word—Pence can jump in and say: Yeah, and what did you do to prevent this? I quit my job to stop Hillary Clinton from getting elected president, while you just looked out for yourself."

And, of course, Pence joining the trump ticket would turn the Indiana governor's race upside down and perhaps strengthen John Gregg's position, especially if Evan Bayh is on the ticket too. We'll find out soon enough!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Three Democrats Slated for County Offices

Three candidates for county offices have been slated by Tippcanoe County Democratic Party precinct committee leaders. Miriam Kerns will run for county treasurer. Ashley Smith and Darcy Allen were nominated for at-large county council seats. We ask that you support these Democrats in November.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hillary's Historic Victory Speech and Video

Indiana Republicans Find Trump's Racism "Inappropriate"

House Speaker Paul Ryan called Donald Trump's remarks about Hoosier judge Gonzalo Curiel to be "the textbook definition of a racist comment" But his fellow Republicans here in Indiana, apparently followng a shared playbook, couldn't get to racism but could only manage to find it "inappropriate."

Gov. Mike Pence: “I don’t think it’s ever appropriate to question the partiality of the judge based on their ethnic background.”

Senator Dan Coats: “Donald Trump’s comments about the ethnicity of Judge Curiel, who was born in Indiana, were totally inappropriate.”

U.S Rep. Todd Young's campaign manager, Trevor Foughty:"Our campaign is focused on economic and national security solutions that will move our country forward, and Mr. Trump should do likewise, instead of making highly inappropriate remarks about a judge's ethnicity.”

John Gregg's campaign manager called out Gov. Pence on his tepid critique of Trump: "Donald Trump’s comments were not just ‘inappropriate,’ they were blatantly racist.”

Read more from the Indy Star here.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

New Headquartrs for Tippecanoe County Democrats

The Tippecanoe County Democratic Party will take up residence in its new headquarters at 826 Main Street, Lafayette! Please join us for the official headquarters opening on Tuesday, June 14 from 5 to 7 p.m.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Obama Returns to Elkhart Next Wednesday

From President Obama's announcement of his return trip to Elkhart:

"Just three weeks into my presidency, I made a promise to the people of Elkhart, Indiana.

It was the first city I visited as President. Folks there had been hit harder by the recession than almost anywhere else in America. The unemployment rate was on its way to nearly twenty percent. Companies that had sustained that community for years were shedding jobs at an alarming speed -- and hardworking families were losing their homes and health care along with those jobs.

When I spoke to the people of Elkhart in February of 2009, I promised them that if we worked together, we could pull that community and this country out of the depths of recession -- that we could not only recover, but put ourselves on a better, stronger course.

Today, thanks to the hard work of people in Elkhart and in communities across the country, America has recovered from crisis and we’re on the cusp of resurgence.

That's why I'm going back to Elkhart next Wednesday -- to highlight the economic progress we’ve made and discuss the challenges that remain.

The story of Elkhart's recovery is the story of America's recovery."

You can read The President's complete statement about Elkhart's, and America's, recovery at the White House blog here.