Monday, March 21, 2011

How Will the Democratic House Boycott Affect the 2012 Elections?

Indiana Democratic Chair Dan Parker says the boycott by Democratic representatives has been good for the party's base: “The base of the Democratic Party wasn't as engaged as it needed to be in 2010. There's been an awakening for a whole lot of folks.” He also thinks Republican legislators aren't helping themselves for 2012 in their choice of political battles: “Some of the issues that Republicans have embraced will come back to bite them next year. They're going to suffer the ramifications.”

Andy Downs, director of the Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne thinks the real impact in 2012 will be less on the party bases than on the center: “Right now, the walkout is galvanizing Democrats behind the Democrats. It is galvanizing Republicans behind Republicans. The question is that mass of voters in the middle.”

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