Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dems Want Daniels Ad Pulled

After the Democrats' walkout is over, it appears Republicans just can't let it go; evidently they feel political ground needs to be regained.  So, Governor Daniels appears in a TV ad saying that the walkout cost taxpayers $400,000.  Pat Bauer says it's not true and the ad should be taken off the air.  He argues that the state would have incurred those expenses anyway.  In fact, says Bauer, the state saved $150,000 in daily expense pay that the Democrats have declined to take for the walkout period.  And there's the $113,700 that the Republicans have levied in fines. 

Why an ad now? Pat Bauer sees it in a political context: "I think that they felt the exposure to the governor, and to them about what they were doing to collective bargaining, what they were doing to the unemployed and what they were doing to workers by driving them to the minimum wage had to be countered. They're trying to shift the focus away from these bills and what the actual legislation is."

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