Sunday, April 10, 2011

Judge Rules Dems' Complaint Against Charlie White Merits Another Review by Recount Commission

Marion County Circuit Judge Louis Rosenberg has ruled that the State Recount Commission's dismissal of Democrats' charges that now Secretary of State Charlie White committed vote fraud and was, therefore, not a legal candidate for the the office, must be reconsidered by the commission. The judge told the Commission to act as "expeditiously as possible" because "The Indiana political system and its credibility is at stake." Democratic state chair Dan Parker has replaced the Democrats' one member of the commission with a former judge, to remove, as Parker put it, "all politics out of the rehearing process," and challenged Republicans to do the same. Should White be found to have have been an illegal candidate, Democrats have argued that the second highest vote getter, Democratic candidate Vop Osili, should assume the office. Read more here.