Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Governor Signs Abortion Bill; Judge Lets Planned Parenthood Defunding Stand

Today Indiana became one of the country's most restrictive states with regard to abortion and the first state to cut Medicaid funding to Planned Parenthood as governor Mitch Daniels signed the just-passed abortion bill. Planned Parenthood and tuhe American Civil Liberties Union promptly filed for an injunction and temporary restraining order to delay enforcement of the law. ACLU director Ken Falk said, "Family planning dollars fund preventive health services that are critical to low-income and vulnerable women and their families. It is unlawful, unnecessary and cruel to deny these populations health services that they desperately need." However US District Judge Tanya Pratt refused to grant the restraining order because she was not convinced that enforcement would do "immediate and irreparable harm." However, the injunction will be decided by July 1.

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