Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Charlie White Survives Recount Panel Hearing

The three-member Recount Commission (two Republicans and one Democrat) unanimously judged that Charlie White  was eligible to run for Secretary of State, despite Democrats' contention that he committed voter fraud.  However, the Commission chair scolded White for "treading on the line" of legality.  Democratic Party chair Dan Parker said this in a news release:
“Anyone on the street looking at the facts in this case should be outraged that the state's third highest-ranking official, a man who's been indicted on seven felony counts and who's supposed to be in charge of our elections, is caught up in a mess like this. That he might skate on a technicality doesn't make the outcome of this process just or fair."
A criminal trial on seven counts of fraud and perjury charges now awaits White, starting on August 8. A conviction on any of the charges would result in his removal from office.  Parker expressed the hope that criminal proceedings in this matter will sort out differently: "While Indiana's election laws may be vague on the issue of residency, Indiana's criminal laws are clear, and we have faith that the criminal court system will bring Charlie to justice for his malfeasance."  Here is the AP story on the decision and reactions.