Thursday, June 16, 2011

Charlie White's Hearing on Vote Fraud Will be Televised

Secretary of State Charlie White does not want his hearing before the state's Recount Commission to be televised, but the Commission voted that the hearing would be filmed and streamed live online.  White's attorney has objected, because, according to the AP, 'they would record highly personal conversations about White's former and current marriage that are at the center of the case." What?  The "center of the case" is whether White fraudulently voted in the May primary claiming his ex-wife's house as his residence so he could remain eligible for his seat on the Fishers city council after he'd moved out of the city with his new wife.  White's attorney also objected to a private investigator hired by Democrats asking "highly personal questions" about White's current wife's ex-husband.  White's attorneys would love for this case to seen as a domestic dispute rather than a case of vote fraud against the state's highest election official. Read the entire AP story from the Journal Courier here.