Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Some Perspective on the Indiana Budget Surplus

All of the sudden Indiana has a $1.3 billion surplus. Where'd that come from? Democratic House leader Pat Bauer told the Chicago Tribune: "In part, he [Gov. Daniels] used federal stimulus money and accounting tricks to come up with this surplus. Then he took money from programs for the poor, children, veterans and the unemployed while cutting corporate taxes 25 percent."

Bauer's office provided the Tribune with a list of Republican budget cuts including s a $326 million reduction in K-12 education, a $37 million reduction in higher education, a $321 million cut to social service programs, a $62 million cut to the corrections and public safety budget, $44 million from economic development and roughly $15 million from environmental protection.

The column also quotes Indiana economist Morton Marcus characterizing the impact of the Republican agenda as a "slow, cancerous disfiguration of Indiana" and bemoans that "the quality of our communities crumbles under the fiscal burden of a tea party mentality."

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