Sunday, July 3, 2011

Injunction Sought Against Voucher Program; Support from Local Educators

Like other controversial legislation passed in the last legislative session, Indiana's new law on vouchers is facing a court challenge.  Summing it up well, the AP story on the subject began as follows:
"Teachers, administrators and clergy sued Friday to block the nation's broadest private school voucher plan on the day it took effect, arguing that the new Indiana law violates state constitutional provisions on education and protecting taxpayers from supporting religious institutions."
The AP story observes that the suit seeks a "preliminary injunction on grounds that most of the 352 private schools whose students are eligible for the vouchers are affiliated with churches or other religious institutions. The suit also argues that  "the Indiana Constitution directs the General Assembly to educate children through a 'general and uniform system of Common Schools.'"  You can read the entire AP story here.

The suit was filed by the Indiana State Teachers Association, but several Lafayette-area educators joined as plaintiffs, including Lafayette School Corp. Superintendent Ed Eiler, LSC board member Robert Stwalley, Glen Acres Elementary School Principal Karen Combs and Glen Acres teacher Debbie Patterson.  Read more about local educators' participation here.