Friday, July 22, 2011

Rokita Says Concerns for Debt Ceiling "Piggish," "Unamerican"

Our representative in the House says he's not too concerned about a default on the federal debt. In fact Rep. Todd Rokita seems rather hostile towards those who are concerned: “I don't know anything more piggish -- I don't know anything more un-American than saying, ‘Oh, I'm worried about my own little handout or my own little program or my own little economy and we'll kick this can down the road and let some future generation deal with it.'" This is not good news for seniors who rely on their Social Security checks, veterans who are cared for in VA hospitals, etc.

And what happens after August 2 when the US can no longer meet its fiscal obligations to its debtors and to its citizens? Debtors get paid, says Rep. Rokita, and other obligations are "prioritized": "We can pay our interest payments. And then we can prioritize what government programs that have been given to the American people that are unsustainable promises that have been made by reckless politicians that can't possibly be sustained. We can determine which ones of those if any we need to keep.”

Which obligations if any? You can read more of Rep. Rokita's remarks to ABC News here.