Thursday, May 31, 2012

Republicans for Donnelly

A new support group for Joe Donnelly launched today, but this one has a twist: it consists of Republicans. The six charter members of Republicans for Donnelly say they will reach out to moderate Republicans who can't support Tea Partier Richard Mourdock. Says Kevin Kelly, "Hoosiers have been lucky to have Dick Lugar for the length of time we had; he was a model for the way somebody should conduct themselves in the Senate. Joe is much more along the lines of the great statesman that we've had in Senator Lugar than what we would see in the other candidate." Donnelly reaffirmed his commitment to ending partisan gridlock: "I pledge to put my country before my party and work with anyone and everyone to get things done for Hoosiers." Don't hold your breath for the emergence of Democrats for Mourdock. Read more here.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lugar Won't Campaign for Mourdock

One advantage Richard Mourdock won't have in his race for the Senate against Joe Donnelly is the voice of the man he ousted from his Senate seat. Former Senator Richar Lugar told CBS's Face the Nation on Sunday that he didn't "plan an active campaign" for Mourdock. In addition, Lugar repeated his criticism that Mourdock won’t be an effective senator unless he drops his position that Washington needs less bipartisanship: “I’ve offered advice to my former opponent and now candidate as to the kind of way he might be a constructive senator, how he can make any difference whatsoever. I hope that he will in fact begin to adopt some of those ideas.” Read more from the Indy Star here.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rokita Claims Victories Over Red Tape; Nelson Says Focus on Issues that Count

Rep. Todd Rokita claims he's had 18 victories over "red tape" during his tenure in office. Democratic challenger Tara Nelson says, "We need to look further into what victories were won. I would work toward real issues that affect the economy and people in their day-to-day lives. I would like to see red tape rolled back on corporations that are outsourcing jobs overseas. We need to focus on the economy. I haven’t seen much from Rokita on that.” Read more here.

Truitt Backs Away from Education "Reforms;" Cornstuble Says Too Late

District 26 Representative Randy Truitt has concerns about the education "reforms" passed in the last session. The Indiana Department of Education is, says Truitt, "changing the legislative intent of the things we’ve passed.” He continues, “We’re not perfect in regard to the bills we end up passing, and in some cases there are vague sections or it’s got some ambiguity which could lead to different interpretations, but I just see some overreaching implementation of things.” Truitt says his new opinion is informed by discussions with teachers in his district, though it might have been more effective legislating to have such discussions before voting for the measures. His opponent (and a former educator)Rick Cornstuble agrees with most of Truitt's objections: “There was certainly plenty of criticism before this bill was passed. I’m glad in a way he’s kind of seeing the errors of it, but it seems like a little too late.” You can read more here.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's Vi!

John Gregg's announcement of his running mate, Senator Vi Simpson:

Today, I'm proud to announce my running mate, and the next Lieutenant Governor of Indiana: State Senator Vi Simpson. Vi Simpson is an outstanding choice for lieutenant governor, one who will be a great partner in my efforts to get the state back on track and back to work. She's not only a seasoned leader who's ready to govern; she also has a tremendous background in business advocacy, education, and finance. This week, we're going across Indiana to introduce Vi and showcase our winning team to Hoosiers across the state. Contribute now to kick-off the Gregg-Simpson ticket and celebrate the announcement of Vi Simpson as my running mate! Vi Simpson knows how to get things done. She has a history of reaching across the aisle on behalf of Hoosiers. That's one of the reasons I respect her so much: We both know how important it is to solve our political problems, not create more of them with partisan bickering. Vi knows this won't be an easy race, but she's in it to win. Nobody is going to work harder for Hoosiers. Contribute now to kick-off the Gregg-Simpson ticket and celebrate the announcement of Vi Simpson as my running mate! Vi and me? We're truly an Indiana team. We're Hoosiers through and through, and we're ready to get to work on growing jobs on day one. Thanks for getting to work with us.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Poll Shows Donnelly and Mourdock Tied

A poll taken last week showed Joe Donnelly and Richard Mourdock tied in their race for the senate seat that belonged to Richard Lugar for 35 years. They are tied at 40 percent. Mourdock's favorable rating is 36 percent;37 percent view him unfavorably, with 22 percent having a strongly unfavorable view of him. The less well-known Donnelly has a 28 percent favorable rating, and 12 percent view him unfavorably. The poll also shows the tea party as not beloved by Hoosiers: 34 percent of Hoosiers view it favorably and 44 percent view it unfavorably. read more from the Washington Post here.

Next Governor Will Hit Pothole in Road Funding

It appears that the $3.8 billion Indiana Toll Road piggy bank for road building is pretty near empty, according to some good investigative journalism by the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette. The Major Moves projects got a lot of road projects accomplished, but when the new governor takes office, he'll only have a few months before the money runs out: "That leaves the new governor – likely either Republican Mike Pence or Democrat John Gregg – with a cliff in highway funding to deal with, and few options on the table, writes Niki Kelly. Read more from the Journal Gazette here.

Gregg Calls for Audit of State Government--All of It

After the Daniels administration lost track of half a billion dollars, John Gregg thinks it's about time to audit the whole state government. “Who is minding the shop? We have to have a complete audit of all state government and see where the moneys are, what’s missing, who has overpaid, how this continues to happen.” Gov. Daniels has called for an outside audit of the Department of Revenue only. Read more from the Indy Star here.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Jefferson-Jackson Dinner

The Tippecanoe County Democratic Party Central Committee invites you to join us at our annual Jefferson-Jackson "Fired Up and Ready to Go" Dinner on Wednesday, June 13 at the Lafayette Theater, 600 Main St. in Lafayette. Cocktails served at 6 p.m. and dinner at 7 p.m. Silent auction, entertainment, and featuring Mayor Tony Roswarski, State Representative Sheila Klinker, Speaker John Gregg, and Congressman Joe Donnelly!! Tickets are $50 a person with special rates available for students. Table of eight $375. Contact Heather here to RSVP.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

President Obama's Statement on Gay Marriage

In case you missed it, here is President Obama's historic statement on gay marriage to ABC News correspondent Robin Roberts.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Nelson Will Compete with Rokita in District 4

Tara Nelson says she has a strategy to defeat incumbent Todd Rokita in November: “I absolutely have a strategy and I have a plan, but would the Colts share their strategy with their opponents? No. I’m going to keep that to myself, but I do have a strategy, and I will be out there in full force.” You can read the Journal and Courier coverage of Nelson's win here.

Cornstuble's Strength Is Education

Rick Cornstuble ties his win in the Democratic primary for Indiana House District 26 to his strong record and position on education: “There’s no question that in West Lafayette, in fact everywhere, that education is an important issue.” His opponent, Eric Thiel, said the experience of running was a good experience, and “if I had to lose to someone I’m glad it was Rick.” Read the Journal and Courier's coverage of the District 26 outcome here.

Leading Political Journal Likes Donnelly's Chance

The Hill, Washington's insider political journal, says it has become more likely that the US Senate will remain Democratic largely because of the defeat of Richard Lugar and Joe Donnelly's strength against Richard Mourdock: "While the state remains heavily Republican-leaning, Donnelly has some centrist credentials and held onto his House district in the 2010 Republican wave year. Plus, Mourdock has taken enough hard-right positions that he’s vulnerable to Democratic attacks. The Hill moves this race to a 'toss-up.'"

Indiana Democrats wasted no time in launching an ad featuring Mourdock's extremist agenda.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cornstuble and Nelson Win Contested Primary Races

Congratulations to the winners of contested Democratic primaries in Tippecanoe County. Rick Cornstuble has won the nomination in Indiana House District 26; he will be opposed by Republican incumbent Randy Truitt. Tara Nelson has won the nomination for US House District 4; she will run against Republican incumbent Todd Rokita.

Donnelly Praises Lugar's Bi-Partisanship; Launches Campaign Against Mourdock

Joe Donnelly, now officially our candidate for the US Senate, issued a gracious statement regarding the years of service and the bi-partisan mindset of defeated Sen. Richard Lugar:
“I thank Senator Lugar for his many years of service to our great state and to our nation. He and I share a history of working across the aisle. I agree with the Senator that we accomplish more when we work together. Senator Lugar and I stood together to rescue the American auto industry, and our state has benefitted greatly from his efforts in so many areas."
Then Donnelly launches his campaign against the Tea Party's Richard Mourdock:
"I stand ready to challenge Richard Mourdock in the general election because of what’s at stake for Hoosier families. Mourdock once said he ‘didn’t take a pledge that [he] would support every job in Indiana.’ I wholeheartedly disagree. I am running to be a U.S. Senator for working families, which means I will fight for every single Hoosier job." There are many months of campaigning ahead, but I am prepared to work non-stop traveling the state talking about my plan to help Indiana businesses create Hoosier jobs. While Richard Mourdock trumpets his TEA Party ideas and claims bipartisanship is a dirty word, I will be meeting with the hardworking men and women of this state talking about how we can get Hoosiers back to work. Together, we will strengthen our economy and help Indiana communities attract and keep good jobs.”
You can read Joe's statement on his website here.

Monday, May 7, 2012


Be sure to make your voice heard in the May 8 primary! Here is information about what you'll need to vote, courtesy of the Journal and Courier. Remember that Tippecanoe County uses vote centers so that residents can vote at any center within the county. Here's is a list of vote centers available to you.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mayor Roswarski Says Japan/China Tour a Success

Having just returned from a job-promoting tour of Japan and China, Mayor Roswarski expressed the feeling of the local delegates that the tour was a success. “The Japanese and Chinese business models are both built on respect and trust. I think the group did a very good job in meeting with the different government officials and mayors and people involved in business and the people from Nanshan, Fuji Heavy Industries, Subaru. We did a really good job of everybody working together to build that respect and trust." Read more analysis of the tour here.

Heartland Breaks Ground for New Plant

Heartland Automotive, a parts supplier to Subaru, will build an $8.4 million production facility in Lafayette. Mayor Roswarski said "Whenever you can see a new building going up like this, that just spurs other people to think about, 'Well, things are still happening in Lafayette." Below is WLFI coverage of the groundbreaking.

Auto parts manufacturer expands in Lafayette: