Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Truitt Backs Away from Education "Reforms;" Cornstuble Says Too Late

District 26 Representative Randy Truitt has concerns about the education "reforms" passed in the last session. The Indiana Department of Education is, says Truitt, "changing the legislative intent of the things we’ve passed.” He continues, “We’re not perfect in regard to the bills we end up passing, and in some cases there are vague sections or it’s got some ambiguity which could lead to different interpretations, but I just see some overreaching implementation of things.” Truitt says his new opinion is informed by discussions with teachers in his district, though it might have been more effective legislating to have such discussions before voting for the measures. His opponent (and a former educator)Rick Cornstuble agrees with most of Truitt's objections: “There was certainly plenty of criticism before this bill was passed. I’m glad in a way he’s kind of seeing the errors of it, but it seems like a little too late.” You can read more here.