Sunday, June 24, 2012

From Governor to President

It appears that Mitch Daniels is getting a promotion--from Governor to President of Purdue University. This selection by the Board of Trustees has been a controversial one, and will probably remain so, but Gov. Daniels has certainly struck many right notes. In his gracious acceptance speech he indicated that he knew he had much to learn about the life of a university, that he will spend the six months before he takes office learning about the the institution, and that he would forego any partisan activities from this point forward.

Some of the complexity of his situation became apparent, however, when Daniels indicated that he would probably recuse himself from lobbying the state legislature on for the first year of his tenure because state ethics rules require a one-year “cool down” for public officials after leaving office. “Having been the author and a strong proponent of rules like that, you bet I’m going to live up to them,” he said. You can read more here.

Gov. Daniels has appeared to be both moved and excited to be given this opportunity. For the sake of our great university, we hope that Gov. Daniels' good intentions will come to fruition, that his enthusiasm will sustain itself and spread to others, and that he will find an appropriate inclusive leadership style to lead Purdue into a bright future.

You can read Gov. Daniels's remarks at the announcement ceremony here. And here is a J&C article exploring the challenge for Gov. Daniels to escape partisan identification.