Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Gregg Preaches Cooperation at Jefferson Jackson Dinner

Democratic nominee for governor John Gregg continued to spread his gospel of bipartisanship, cooperation, and reason at Tippecanoe County Democrats' Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner at the Lafayette Theater. Here are some highlights from his speech as reported by the Journal and Courier.

"I've been in Indiana all my life. I understand state government, but I've also worked for two Fortune 500 companies ... I think I'm in touch with Hoosiers and understand what Indiana needs. I'm running against a career politician who's out of state, out of touch, and has made a whole career dealing with nothing but social issues. He has done nothing in 12 years in Congress but want to de-fund Planned Parenthood."

"It's about bringing people together. We do that with dialogue. When I was speaker, I spent more time talking with my counterparts in the Republican Party than I did my own party. You have to talk, you have to listen and you have to show respect. It's all about us forging an agreement, and given the extremes on both sides, if you think it's about right and left, it's not. The election is about right and wrong. It's about bipartisanship, and trust me, being a Democrat in a Republican state, I understand bipartisanship."

"I'm a former president of Vincennes University. I've known for years the need for robotics, advanced manufacturing, laser optics, tool and die. What was interesting was for a person that talks about less government, (Pence) wants to create regional committees. The best ideas do not come out of Washington or Indianapolis or out of regions. We don't need more government. We need local control."

You can read more J&C coverage of the event here.