Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Gregg Visits Lafayette, Talks Drought and Pence Extremism

John Gregg was in Greater Lafayette yesterday viewing drought damage at the farm of Steve and Deb Kerkhove. Gregg said the governor can be active in helping farmers when a disaster strikes: "The governor can seek from the federal government that it be declared a disaster area, and so I think it's being in touch with the farm and farming community.”

Gregg also commented on Mike Pence's comparison of the Supreme Court ruling on healthcare to 9/1. "We've tried to tell people for the last year and a half that he's extreme and not mainstream but he's managed to get by with it. Hopefully, this will cause people to take a look and see what he's been saying and see what he's really about," Gregg said.

You can read more about Gregg's visit from WLFI here. And below is some WLFI footage of an interview with candidate Gregg.

Gregg meets with farmers, responds to Pence's "9/11" comment: