Thursday, July 26, 2012

House Democrats Select First Woman as Leader

In a party caucus held here in Lafayette at the IBEW hall, Indiana House Democrats voted to replace Pat Bauer, Democrats' House leader for a decade, with Rep. Linda Lawson of Hammond, who was elected to the party's number two position of floor leader in November 2010. Lawson will serve as interim leader until the November elections and says she will not run for the leader position permanently. Lawson will be the first woman to serve in this role in Indiana. Bauer said, "Representative Lawson is a great leader. She has a great background, particularly in standing up for working people. She will respect the candidates we have working hard every day. They are really the future of our party and they deserve recognition and support. Linda also knows how to treat staff at the Statehouse and on the campaigns."

Looking forward, Bauer emphasized the importance of supporting Democratic candidates: “After today, I hope we’ll get back to the business of helping members retain their seats and helping candidates be victorious in their elections. We must get back to a unified effort of supporting all of our great candidates and members." You can Rep. Bauer's entire statement on the leadership change here.