Monday, July 9, 2012

Star's Tully Sees a Strong Candidate in Donnelly

Indianapolis Star political analyst Matt Tully has published a piece on Joe Donnelly's strength as a candidate for Senate against Treasurer Richard Mourdock. Tully doesn't admire Mourdock's "partisan warrior" approach to politics: "Mourdock is the Energizer Bunny of juvenile political ideas. So it's been nice to see that his divisive brand of politics has caused him trouble recently and helped make Indiana's Senate race competitive." Donnelly, Tully says, provides a clear and unmistakable contrast. Tully write of Donnelly, "Mourdock's fortunes are not helped by the fact that his Democratic opponent is a workmanlike Blue Dog moderate. Joe Donnelly, a former small-business owner and current third-term U.S. House member from Northern Indiana, delivers a message built around two core ideas: create more jobs and turn Washington, D.C. into less of a toxic swamp." Read Matt Tully's study in contrasts here.