Thursday, August 2, 2012

Attorney General Concedes Indiana Immigration Law Is Unconstitutional

In the wake of the Supreme Court's decision on the Arizona immigration law, Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller has conceded that key portions of Indiana's new immigration law are likewise unconstitutional. “The Supreme Court made clear that immigration enforcement is a federal government responsibility,” Zoeller said. (Did he need the Supreme Court to tell him that when the Constitution is pretty clear about it?)

The Indianapolis Star reports that House Speaker Brian Bosma, "regretted allowing the section regarding warrantless arrests to remain in the bill." But does "regret" adequately cover passing highly questionable legislation for political positioning? Happily Bosma indicated that the next legislative session will be too busy with other matters to dabble again in federal jurisdictions. Read the Indy Star's story here.

Locally, law enforcement officers seemed generally relieved by Zoeller's concession. West Lafayette Police Chief Jason Dombkowski, who lobbied against the bill, said “It looks like common sense prevailed.” Lafayette Police Chief Don Roush said, “We do not work or enforce immigration laws.” Read more from the Journal and Courier here.