Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pence Advises Daniels: No Healthcare Exchange for Indiana

Governor Mitch Daniels is conferring with the candidates to succeed him about creating a healthcare exchange for Indiana citizens. He must inform the federal government of the state's intention by November 16, only weeks before he will step down from the office. Predictably, Mike Pence is opposed; yesterday he declared: "There is too much uncertainty surrounding the Affordable Care Act for Indiana to even consider implementing our own exchange. The national debate is far from over and the regulatory, fiscal and legal implications have the potential to cost Hoosier taxpayers and employers millions." Daniels has estimated that the exchange would cost Hoosiers at least $50 million a year. Gov. Daniels has not yet conferred with John Gregg.

One wonders if either Republican's calculations include savings the state and individual Hoosiers would enjoy from lowered insurance costs from the exchange. If the state does not form an exchange, Hoosiers would have to rely on federally operated ones, a fate one would assume Republicans would not wish on their worst enemies (but would accept for Hoosiers). You can read more from the Indianapolis Star here.