Thursday, September 20, 2012

Gregg and Simpson Announce Infrastructure Plan

Today John Gregg and Vi Simpson announced their plan to improve Indiana's infrastructure. The plan gives Indiana potential access to $3.5 billion to spend on infrastructure projects throughout the state without dipping into existing reserves, and could create 97,300 Indiana jobs. Gregg says, “Nearly all businesses in Indiana, large or small, local or global, rely on a robust transportation infrastructure to enable not only their growth, but their very survival. To compete globally, Hoosier businesses must be able to move freight via the fastest and most cost-effective mode of transportation over land, across the water and through the air.”

The plan also calls for moving forward immediately on university construction projects that have already been approved. There are currently $227 million worth of projects which have already been approved for bonding by the Indiana General Assembly, most of which have also been approved by the joint Budget Committee, but have yet to released for bidding.

You can read more about the Hoosier Handshake infrastructure plan here.