Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Senate Dems Give $516K to Support Donnelly

Joe Donnelly got a lift from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee on Friday. They announced plans to contribute over half a million dollars to support a statewide ad campaign for Donnelly. An Associated Press article called that "a $516,000 bet next week that Rep. Joe Donnelly can beat Republican Richard Mourdock in the race for Indiana's open seat." Obviously, they wouldn't be placing that bet if they thought the candidate didn't have a good shot.

Even though Republican special interest groups have been pouring money into the state to support Richard Mourdock, Donnelly is apparently holding his own: "In total, Democrats tracking Indiana ad spending say Mourdock and his allies will have spent $2.9 million on air by the end of next week, while Donnelly and his supporters will have blasted out $3.3 million."

Read more about the Senate Democrats' contribution here.