Monday, October 8, 2012

Bayh Contributes to Party for Final Campaign Surge

Indiana Democratic Chair Dan Parker writes:

I wanted you to know the identity of the generous Hoosier donor who agreed to match federal donations to the Indiana Democratic Party last week. Thanks to a pledge from former Indiana Gov. Evan Bayh, we were able to match almost $9,000 in contributions through midnight last Friday.

Gov. Bayh has pledged significant additional support for our federal election efforts this year. He knows how difficult these last few weeks will be, and he knows how important it is to invest in our campaigns now. Gov. Bayh’s generous support of the Indiana Democratic Party, past and present, has kept us financially competitive over so many years.

U.S. Senate candidate Joe Donnelly expressed his gratitude to Gov. Bayh for his longstanding commitment to the Indiana Democratic Party and his support for its federal campaigns this year.

"Gov. Bayh's generous investment in the Indiana Democratic Party means we're better equipped to send strong, principled leaders to Washington to make sure middle-class Hoosiers have a voice as we work together to find solutions to our most difficult problems."

Please join me in thanking Gov. Bayh for his generosity and continued leadership in the final weeks of this election!