Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Debate Two: All the Signs Say Obama Won!

The CNN poll had President Obama winning the second debate by 46 to 39. Perhaps a better measure is what the odds makers saw. Here's what the Washington Post reported on that subject:
The votes on well-known political betting site reflected a jump in the president’s chances from 61.7 percent just before the debate to 64.1 percent shortly afterward. Similar jumps could be seen in other markets, too. At the betting site, the president’s chances jumped 2.7 percentage points during that period, and on the Iowa Electronic Markets, run out of the University of Iowa, his chances were up about 2.4 percentage points in that time frame.
Another measure of Obama's victory is Republicans' finding others to blame. Rush Limbaugh, as reported in Politico, landed on moderator Candy Crowley: “She kept feeding Obama lines. She did, folks, she kept feeding him lines. She kept prompting him. You Democrats, he couldn’t have done this last night without her assistance.” Or how about this? “She committed an act of journalistic terror or malpractice last night. If there were any journalist standards, what she did last night would have been the equivalent of blowing up her career like a suicide bomber. But there aren’t any journalist standards anymore." Try speaking the words "Rush Limbaugh" and "journalistic standards" in the same sentence without laughing. Another tell of losing: Republicans whining about Michelle Obama's clapping, though, as was pointed out, not for her husband but for Candy Crowley, as reported by Politico.

You can relive the whole evening below.