Sunday, October 7, 2012

Howey Says Pence Plays "Cat and Mouse" with Cultural Issues

Indiana political analyst Brian Howey has written that Mike Pence is being too clever about cultural/moral issues in this campaign. Pence's campaign is focused strictly on jobs and related economic issues. Howey observed that in his campaign kickoff speech Pence was explicit about his support of several specific moral/cultural issues:
“To restore our economy we must reaffirm our respect for the institutions and traditions that nurture the character of our people. As your governor, I will stand for the sanctity of life, traditional marriage and the importance of organized religion in everyday life. To build an even better Indiana, we must recognize every day that our present crisis is not just economic, but moral.”
The link to economic issues seems pretty strained there, and almost all of his subsequent rhetoric has focused on economic issues. Howey notes that at least three cultural issues are emerging on the legislative agenda--chemical abortions, so-called "personhood" (that was so restrictive that it was rejected by voters in Mississippi), and creationism. And don't count on the gay marriage amendment being out of bounds either. Howey insists that Pence should speak out on these issues:
"At some point – perhaps during the three debates next month – I hope Hoosiers will hear in Pence’s own voice what moral policy issues will emerge that in the past he said should not be met with silence. It’s fair and appropriate voters understand what’s coming prior to Nov. 6."
Read Howey's column here.