Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lugar's Office Protests Flier Claiming Mourdock Endorsement

Former Senator Richard Lugar's office has protested a flier implying that Lugar has endorsed Richard Mourdock, insisting that the man whom Mourdock ousted in the Republican primary has not endorsed him. Hoosier political analyst Andy Downs notes that Lugar has not protested Joe Donnelly's claims to ties to Lugar:
“Donnelly has been talking about how much he has worked with Lugar. If Lugar were aggressively supporting Mourdock, he would have come out publicly, I think, and told Donnelly to step back from that, or put some sort of qualifiers on that cooperation,” Downs said. “By not doing that, he’s allowing Donnelly to legitimately try to influence Lugar supporters.”
Read the Indy Star article and see the flier here.