Sunday, October 7, 2012

Profiling Purdue's Role in District 26 Race

The J&C has printed a perspective on the District 26 race between Democrat Rick Cornstuble and incumbent Randy Truitt. Both feel that the cost of Purdue should be managed through reductions in administrative costs. According to the J&C,
"Truitt favors a policy that would limit tuition increases to no more than the rate of inflation . . . but he’d rather the trustees, those closest to the financial books and charged with running the universities, operate higher education without such heavy-handed measures from the Statehouse.

Cornstuble’s philosophy is to set expectations, guidelines and goals for universities and hold them accountable to hit those goals, not run state colleges from the Statehouse. If those expectations are met, Cornstuble believes costs could be contained."
You can read the whole analysis here.