Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Senate Debate Draws National Coverage

Joe Donnelly more than held his own in last night's debate among Senate candidates, and the debate was picked up in national media outlets. The Huffington Post headline picked up on Donnelly's quip that that Hoosiers won't believe Mourdock as a moderate because they're "not that dumb." Here's the succinct summary from The Hill:
The first Indiana Senate debate featured both Republican Richard Mourdock and Sen. Joe Donnelly (D) trying to define each other along partisan lines, with Mourdock accusing Donnelly of voting in lockstep for Obama's agenda and Donnelly accusing Mourdock of being "an unapologetic leader of the Tea Party movement." Donnelly attempted to frame himself as bipartisan by touting his work with Sen. Dick Lugar (R) on the auto bailout, a reference to the moderate incumbent defeated by Mourdock's primary challenge. But Mourdock worked to hang the stimulus and Obama's healthcare reform around Donnelly's neck throughout the debate.
Here's a Washington Post summary by Melinda Henneberger, who argues that Joe Donnelly benefits from the presence of Libertatian Andrew Horning because he draws off Republican voters. You can see the entire debate below.