Thursday, October 18, 2012

Springsteen Runs Out of Rhymes for "Obama"

As Bill Clinton and Bruce Springsteen campaigned for President Obama in Ohio today, Bruce took a minute to demo his attempt at a campaign song for the Obama campaign. Like the President in Denver last week, even the Boss can have an off night. The campaign will probably stick with "We Take Care of Our Own."

Bruce did some some serious writing on the President's behalf in an open letter posted to his website. Here's some of what he said:

Right now, there is a choice going on in America, and I’m happy that we live in a country where we all participate in that process. For me, President Obama is our best choice because he has a vision of the United States as a place where we are all in this together. We’re still living through very hard times but justice, equality and real freedom are not always a tide rushing in. They are more often a slow march, inch by inch, day after long day. I believe President Obama feels these days in his bones and has the strength to live them with us and to lead us to a country “…where no one crowds you and no one goes it alone.”
You cna read the whole letter here.