Monday, October 1, 2012

Whose Scarier? Closet Liberal Donnelly or Tea Party Extremist Mourdock?

Lesley Weidenbener, political analyst for the Louisville Courier Journal, writes that Republicans' chief strategy against the surging Joe Donnelly is to suggest that he is only pretending to be a bipartisan moderate and is, in reality, a closet liberal who will return to his roots once in office. In other words, their counter to the robust argument that Mourdock is a Tea Party extremist is a pretty weak, "So's he!"

Weidenbener cites polling that indicates that voters aren't buying: "In an analysis in Howey Politics Indiana, pollster Fred Yang said the poll also found that 'voters are more concerned that Mourdock is a Republican who rejects compromise (41 percent) than that Donnelly is a Democrat who votes the party line on key issues (35 percent).'"

You can read Weidenbener's column here.