Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Howey: Ritz a "Campaign Pioneer"

Here is political columnist Brian Howey's take on Glenda Ritz's victory over Tony Bennett for state Superintendent of Public Instruction:
Democrat Glenda Ritz’s upset of Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Bennett opens a new era of campaigning. She raised about $250,000, compared to more than $1.5 million for Bennett, who spent most of his money on TV. But network affiliate TV viewership is in rapid decline, and Ritz campaign operative Dave Galvin designed a social media program using Twitter and Facebook that looped in scores of teachers who were upset with the Bennett reforms. Ritz became a campaign pioneer.
At the national level, analysts are saying that 2012 was the first election in which social media really mattered, and that was evident right here in Indiana. You can read Howey's column here.