Thursday, November 15, 2012

Secessionists Emerge from Woodwork . . . Even in Indiana

Jim Shella reports that since President Obama's re-election petitions for secession of some states have emerged from all 50 states. There's one for Indiana that has 14,000 signatures, but Shella reports that most of the signers aren't residents. How are Hoosier Republicans responding? Tim Brown of Crawfordsville (who formerly represented parts of Tippecanoe County) was hardly discouraging: “Everybody has a right to sign a petition that they feel comfortable with.” And House Speaker Brian Bosma had this to say: “We’ll work through this. The Republic will survive." The republic will survive what? What crisis of the republic is represented by the democratic re-election of Barack Obama of these United States? This is precisely not a crisis; the people spoke through a democratic election and that is how the republic works. Republicans need to acknowledge that, and they need to clearly and emphatically reject their brethern who do not. Several Southern Republican governors have come out in opposition to the petitions, reports Huffington Post. Isn't it time for an Indiana governor or governor-elect step up to the plate?