Friday, December 14, 2012

Daniels Says Business Not Comfortable with Gay Marriage Constitutional Amendment

Governor Daniels indicated on Wednesday that some business leaders are telling him that a constitutional ban on gay marriage would inhibit their ability to recruit top candidates. "I've heard from a number of them, as recently as this morning," Daniels said.

The governor also indicated that businesses were uncomfortable with the amendment's strictures on any legal recognition of gay relationships, including benefits. "They wouldn't want their ability to offer benefits and that sort of thing limited. That they think it's fair, and they think it's important — at least in the case of some of their employees," Daniels observed. The governor would not weigh in on this issue directly as he is "transitioning out" of the political arena.

(We can't help but wonder why existing statutes wouldn't be as concerning to businesses as a constitutional amendment. And were their concerns not voiced as the legislature passed statutes against gay marriage or were they ignored?)

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