Thursday, December 6, 2012

Kruse "Truth in Education" Bill Gives Students Classroom Filibuster

Some Indiana Republicans are not only anti-teacher, they appear to be anti-knowledge. After their attempt to insert the religious doctrine creationism into Hoosier science classes failed last year, they have replaced it with a new way to perpetuate ignorance. Senator Dennis Kruse has proposed a "truth in education" bill which he explains as follows: “If a student thinks something isn’t true, then they can question the teacher and the teacher would have to come up with some kind of research to support that what they are teaching is true or not true.” Aside from being completely unenforceable, it provides any enterprising seventh grader with the means to filibuster the educational process for his entire class: "I don't believe that leaves are green because of chlorophyll; please prove it. I don't believe water is made up of two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen, etc." Has Senator Kruse never been in a classroom?

Kruse is upfront about this bill being a substitute for his failed creationism bill. His new bill “will be a totally different approach. It won’t mention religion. It won’t mention creation. It will just basically try to establish truth in our public schools.” In reality it would allow a few ideological diehards or dedicated ignoramuses to block the conveyance of truth in Indiana's classrooms and to sink Indiana further into the educational backwaters. Surely such nonsense will not receive serious consideration in our legislature. Surely.