Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Constitutional Ban on Gay Marriage Vote Deferred

While three other states are legalizing gay marriage, while the Department of Defense is granting marriage rights to married gay service members, while Great Britain (with the support of its Conservative Prime Minister) has legalized gay marriage, Indiana legislators are making an important decision on this issue as well: they will defer a vote on a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage in Indiana. And for the best of reasons--they think there's a chance the conservative US Supreme Court will rule against state-level marriage bans this summer, conceding that gay US citizens have the right to marry whomever they please, just like heterosexual citizens. "It seems prudent for us to wait, given that the Supreme Court could find ours as well as many other statutes around the country, and constitutional amendments, unconstitutional according to the federal constitution, which would take priority over our own," says Republican Senate President Pro Tem, David Long.

Does the fact that Republican leaders consider it "prudent" not to act on a gay marriage ban suggest that they actually know, in their heart of hearts, it is unconstitutional and soon will be recognized as such? If they were confident that it is constitutional, why stop when they have super majorities in both Indiana chambers?

Read more about the decision to delay here.