Saturday, February 23, 2013

Klinker Votes in Favor of House Budget

Rep. Sheila Klinker voted in favor of the budget proposed by Republicans in the House of Representatives last week, a budget that lacked the ten percent cut in state income taxes that Governor Pence wanted. Klinker said her constituents did not want the cut:
"I know right now the governor is not happy with it because it does not add the 10 percent cut. But, Representative Truitt and I have surveyed many of our people and they would, rather than having the cut, they would rather have those dollars go to education."
The budget raises funding for education three percent, a strong motivator for Klinker: "Education has taken such a back seat in the last few years and has really had a tough time keeping their teachers on staff and recruiting new teachers. So, I think it's a good step forward."

WLFI coverage of the vote is below.

Budget without tax cuts moves forward