Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mayor Roswarski's 2013 State of the City Address: “What Kind of Community Do We Want to Be?”

In Mayor Roswarski's 2013 State of the City Address, delivered at the February 4 city council meeting, he noted that over $600 million in public and private investments were made in Lafayette last year. Positive developments in the city included the opening of Nanshan Aluminum Technologies’ new plant; expansions at SIA, Alcoa, Heartland Automotive; and investments by Wabash National, Rea Magnet Wire, Kirby Risk, Lafayette Community Bank, Gander Mountain and Metro-Net Fiber. But the final part of his address focused on a broader question: “What kind of community do we want to be?” And he challenged community members to become involved:
“What can I do for my community? Am I willing to help address the tough issues and have the difficult conversations? What am I willing to do for the heart and soul of Lafayette? The bottom line is, we can all do something and it is unacceptable to do nothing!”
The J&C coverage of Mayor Roswarski's address is here. You can see Mayor Tony Roswarski's 2013 State of the City address to the Lafayette City Council on the YouTube recording of the February 4 meeting below. You can go directly to the Mayor's speech by forwarding to the 15-minute mark of the video.