Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Rokita Plans to Fill Obama Leadership Gap

Inside Indiana Business has provide a digest of the official reactions to the President's State of the Union by most of the members of Indiana's Congressional delegation. You can see it here.

Rep. Todd Rokita's response is unique in its vacuous epic-scale hubris. He begins by indicating that President Obama shows no leadership: "Once again the president has offered us empty promises and divisive rhetoric. I wish it were different, I wish I had a leader to work with." (What's with the first person singular pronoun? Has the US legislative agenda boiled down to a negotiation between Rep. Rokita and President Obama? Did we miss something here?) So where should the leadership-starved citizenry turn? Why to Rep. Rokita, of course.
"There is a better way. Through smart, limited, constitutional government, we can reclaim our birthright as Americans to live in an exceptional nation. In the coming weeks, I will be working to show that better way. First, I will work to pass a real balanced budget, one that will actually pay for our national priorities, and allow Americas the opportunity to succeed."
We are certainly blessed to have Rokita's balanced budget in the offing to restore our nation to its exceptional status.