Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bosma/Pence Rift Over Taxes Heats Up

The rift between Gov. Pence and Speaker of the House Brian Bosma over the Governor's proposal for cutting state income taxes seems to be intensifying. The Governor's proposal has not been included in either the House or Senate budgets that are moving forward. The Governor has aggressively pushed his agenda and, as the Journal and Courier describes, and a "concurrent ad campaign launched by tea partyers Americans for Prosperity against House Republicans has only angered Bosma and other Republican lawmakers." Matters seemed to come to head at a fund-raiser last week where Gov. Pence pushed for his agenda in a 20-minute speech which he concluded with a plea for civility: "Let me say from my heart, especially to my friends and allies, near and far: We will not build up our state by tearing each other down. It is essential that we stay positive in advocating our positions.” That seems not to have sat well with Speaker Bosma, who responded rather pointedly: "I was going to start off with saying ‘I’m from Americans for Prosperity and I’m just here to help.'" Ouch. Read the whole story from the here.