Friday, March 1, 2013

If Lafayette Can Do It, Why Can't the Feds?

The Journal and Courier ran an editorial yesterday noting that the city of Lafayette just refinanced some of its bonds to lower their 3.75 to 6 percent interest to something nearer 2 percent. Saving money, making our tax dollars work better. The editors observe that such "meat-and-potatoes savings" get obscured in the shadow of the looming $85 billion federal cut from the sequester. The message from the federal government's inability to avoid the meat cleaver cuts of the sequester sends a message: "Our government is not capable of cinching the belt." By contrast, the work Lafayette City Hall is doing "doesn’t amount to lopping off popular programs to make a point. It’s about finding ways to make better use of tax dollars. If Mayor Tony Roswarski can find ways to do this, why can’t the federal government?" Read the editorial here.