Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Koch Brothers Attempt to Bail Out Pence Tax Cut

Everyone's favorite right-wing billionaires, the Koch Brothers, are attempting to bail out the agenda of their guy Gov. Mike Pence with an Americans for Prosperity media blitz supporting Pence's plan for 10 percent reduction in Indiana's state income tax. Republican legislators have not included it in their budget, and for pretty good reasons. An editorial in the J&C explains:
For the most part, the governor’s plan has been shrugged off as key lawmakers look at using surpluses to restore funding for schools and highways — and to look for other taxes to cut. The concern in the Indiana House and Senate is that the Pence plan, while it plays well on a campaign trail, isn’t necessarily sustainable in the long run.
The editorial observes that the intervention by Americans for Prosperity doesn't speak well for Gov. Pence's leadership:
Pence has been virtually silent, almost rudderless, in his first three months. So the first big splash is going to come from a political action group funded by out-of-state interests? That can’t be playing well at the Statehouse, now or over the long haul. What will Hoosiers get out of this ad campaign? That their governor has a lot to learn about leading this state.
Read the editorial here.