Saturday, March 2, 2013

New Leadership Team for Tippecanoe County Democrats

Here are the newly elected members of the Tippecanoe County Democratic Party's Central Committee. From left to right, they are Brad Rhorer, Vice Chair; Heather Maddox, Chair; Michael Childress,Secretary, and Eddie VanBogaert, Treasurer.

At the meeting Heather Maddox, entering her third four-year term as chair, observed that the party is strong in Tippecanoe County. In the last election cycle, more Democratic votes were cast than Republican, and the county voted for John Gregg as governor, Joe Donnelly for senator, and Sheila Klinker as state representative. President Obama did well, but did not carry the county. She noted that the county's demographics and its attitudes are changing, so there is an opportunity for growth. To take advantage of changes, she says the Party must build its funding model, try to expand its base, and refine its use of technology. She thinks the new young leadership team will bring the fresh ideas and energy to accomplish much.

Treasurer Eddie VanBogaert said we need to develop funding so that our candidates will be viable. He also feels that demographics give Democrats opportunities to win positions in County elections.

The team was elected with a unanimous vote.