Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Sound of One Man Clapping: A Chilly Response for Pence's Tax Proposal

Governor Pence got a reasonably warm welcome from local government leaders assembled for the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns' annual rally at the statehouse. Except when he got to the part about the 10 percent cut in state income tax he's pushing. As reported by Tom LoBianco for Associated Press, that proposal fell with a thud.
Members of the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns applauded Pence’s Statehouse speech when he talked about economic development and technology training. But when he turned to the tax cut, only one person clapped. “That’s why I’m advocating we lower the income tax, across the board by 10 percent, for every Hoosier in the city and on the farm, on a permanent basis,” Pence said to almost complete silence. He followed by saying. “I know we might have some disagreement on this from some in this organization, apparently not all.”
Apparently Pence and one other guy are in favor of this cut. Why can't the Governor let it go? Probably because he thinks it buffs his presidential cred.
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