Tuesday, March 19, 2013

This Doesn't Look Like Kansas, Toto--or Does It?

Kokomo Tribune columnist Maureen Hayden has written a story about a Tea Party Republican governor with presidential ambitions who decides to slash the state’s income tax rate but is resisted by legislative leaders from his own party. A governor who is not Mike Pence but Kansas governor former-senator Sam Brownback. Last year, with the help from Koch brothers money (sound familiar?), Brownback actually got his way and tanked the Kansas economy. Brownback's income tax cuts have left Kansas with a debt that is projected to hit $2.5 billion by 2018. Like Indiana, Kansas is legally prohibited from running a debt, so Brownback is now proposing serious cuts in services. Hayden cites the following:
In January, a Kansas court ruled that Brownback’s education budget was unconstitutional and ordered the governor to boost school funding by $400 million. The court said it was “illogical” for the state to argue that it couldn’t adequately fund schools at the same time it slashed income taxes.
Such shenanigans have left Brownback at a 15 percent approval rating just a year before he is up for re-election. It's an informative read, one that should be shared with Republican friends who think it's outrageous that Gov. Pence is being denied his tax cut!