Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Klinker Concerned About Education Funding as Legislative Session Ends

The just-concluded legislative session was, according to Sheila Klinker, conducted with “much more civility” than recent sessions, but Klinker remained concerned about the level of funding and the distribution of funds for education. “We came close but we did not restore the whole $300 million that was cut,” Klinker said. “And the program to fund preschool didn’t go through.” She was also concerned about bailing out failed charter schools and the expansion of vouchers:
“We spent $91 million dollars to bail out failed charter schools yet we’re not helping school corporations that had to borrow money when state funding was cut in the last two years. They expanded the vouchers so a family can earn $84,000 and receive a voucher and send their children to other schools. We should have given that money to public schools.”
You can read reactions of other area legislators from the Journal and Courier here.