Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pence Views Marriage Equality Decisions as Incentive for Anti-Gay Constitutional Amendment

While we're all celebrating the Supreme Court's historic decisions on marriage equality, here is Governor Pence's predictably narrow-minded (yet deeply disappointing)response, courtesy of Pride Lafayette's Facebook page:

"While I am disappointed that the Supreme Court has overturned the federal Defense of Marriage Act, I am grateful that today's decisions respect the sovereignty of states on this important issue. These decisions preserve the duty and obligation of the states to define and administer marriage as they see fit.

"Now that the Supreme Court has had its say on the federal government's role in defining marriage, the people of Indiana should have their say about how marriage is understood and defined in our state.

"Given that opportunity, I am confident that Hoosiers will reaffirm our commitment to traditional marriage and will consider this important question with civility and respect for the values and dignity of all of the people of our state.

"I look forward to supporting efforts by members of the Indiana General Assembly to place a constitutional amendment on the ballot for voter consideration next year."

If the Governor thinks that the decisions today give the green light to further restrictions on gay marriage in the states, we'd suggest that he may have another think coming. If he wants to keep Indiana on the wrong side of the arc of history and justice, he is doing his state no favor. Even if principles of fairness and justice fail to move him and his fellow super-conservatives, how long will it be before the Indiana business community will become concerned about the loss of talented gay Hoosier couples who will desert our state for others where they can marry and enjoy the legal benefits of full marital status? Or about entrepreneurs who will never start a business in our state because of its blatant discrimination against gay citizens?