Friday, July 12, 2013

Pelath Reminds Republicans Why Indiana Has a $1.94 Billion Surplus

Gov. Pence and other Republican are touting the unexpected growth in the state's end-of-fiscal-year surplus to $1.94 billion. Gov. Pence says the reserves lay a “foundation for economic growth and prosperity, upon which I believe we will be able to get this economy moving again.” Businesses want fiscal stability: “It is a lead selling point for the state of Indiana. It is an asset to all of our businesses, and it is directly related to job creation."

House Democratic leader Scott Pelath reminds them of an inconvenient truth:
“Families still are struggling to keep their heads above water. Our local schools still must grapple with doing more with less. Thanks to the stubbornness of our leadership, too many families still must rely upon the emergency room as their only health care option. And let us not forget that these huge surplus numbers also were built on providing fewer services for the people of Indiana.”
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