Monday, July 1, 2013

Pence Has No Alternative if Healthy Indiana Can't Subsititute Medicaid Expansion

Gov. Pence is not preparing an alternative plan if the federal government opts not to recognize Healthy Indiana as an alternative to Medicaid expansion in Indiana. As reported by Northwest Indiana Times:
Debra Minott, Indiana's secretary of the Family and Social Services Administration, told the General Assembly's Health Finance Commission the governor believes preserving the Healthy Indiana Plan, which covers 37,316 participants, is a higher priority than negotiating a Medicaid alternative, which would cover some 400,000 Hoosiers.

Republican Gov. Mike Pence has refused to expand Medicaid eligibility as directed by the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, because he believes the federal government will not keep its promises to adequately fund the program.

As a result, Indiana will give up 30,000 jobs and an estimated $10.45 billion in federal money that otherwise would be spent in the state through 2020, according to the Indiana Hospital Association.
And what is the plan for the uncovered Hoosiers if the feds do not recognize Healthy Indiana? "We will be making sure they are aware of the community health centers in their communities, free clinics that are available in multiple places around the state and other safety net-type resources," says Secretary Minott.

So, to summarize, Gov. Pence is willing to leave about 360,000 Hoosiers without health care coverage (not to mention the funds and the jobs) based on his belief that the federal government will keep its word to fund Medicaid expansion.

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