Monday, September 9, 2013

Lake County Court Rules "Right to Work" Unconstitutional

Below is a letter to AFL-CIO members published at the Fox 59 website. Read more here.

Brothers and Sisters,

The Superior Court in Lake County has ruled that Indiana’s falsely labeled right-to-work law violates the state’s constitution – a victory for working families across Indiana and around the nation.

According to the judge’s ruling Indiana’s right-to-work law violates a provision in our state constitution barring the state from requiring a person’s services “without just compensation.”

And while we are overjoyed that this unsafe, unfair and unnecessary law that was rammed through the Indiana General Assembly has been ruled unconstitutional, the fight is not over.

The State of Indiana, through the office of the Indiana Attorney General, will now have the right to appeal the ruling – and the right-to-work law remains in effect until any appeal is concluded.

Regardless of the appeal or what happens next, the working families of Indiana will not rest until it’s off the books altogether …again.

In Solidarity,
Nancy Guyott
President, Indiana AFL-CIO