Sunday, September 1, 2013

Indiana Congressional Recations to President's Deferral to Congress on Syria Strike

Today the Indianapolis Star published responses of seven members of the Indiana congressional delegation to President Obama's announcement that he will not move forward with a strike against Syria without the support of Congress.

Senator Joe Donnelly said: “As a member of the Armed Services Committee, I am following the situation very closely. I support President Obama’s decision to seek Congressional approval. Like all Hoosiers, I strongly condemn the use of chemical weapons and am carefully reviewing proposed options for ongoing humanitarian assistance and possible military action. I will be in Washington tomorrow for the briefing and look forward to the debate.” More reaction from Donnelly was published in the Goshen News.

Representative Andre Carson said: “While the images we have seen from Syria are horrific and cannot be ignored, we must be deliberative when it comes to military action. It is clear a chemical attack occurred and that it is just the latest in a series of atrocities in Syria. I am glad the President is coming to Congress. In the coming days I will be considering all available information to make the best decision for Hoosiers and our nation.”

As we have come to expect, Rep. Todd Rokita's response was partisan, confrontational, disrespectful to the President, and illogical. Concerning Obama's suggestion that he feels he has constitutional authority to act without Congressional approval, Rokita suggests the President, who has taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago, has no respect for the Constitution: “Unless I misunderstood what he was saying, his attitude suggests that he does not respect the constitutional boundaries of his job.” Rokita also argues that the Syrian conflict is of no strategic interest to the US: “You have to remember that these are two groups of people that if they weren’t fighting each other, they’d be fighting us. I’m just not seeing the connection as far as national security.” Good luck sorting out the logic of that statement!

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