Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pence Uses Obamacare Healthcare Exchanges to Benefit His Health Indiana Program

While Gov. Pence is certainly an uncompromising foe of Obamacare, he seems perfectly happy to take advantage of its provisions to benefit his pet Healthy Indiana Program. HIP has been funding some Hoosiers making up to 200 percent of the poverty level. Under the Affordable Healthcare Act, people making over 100 percent of the poverty level must purchase healthcare through the state healthcare exchanges. While Pence wouldn't support creating a state-run exchange for Hoosiers, he seems to view that as a good deal for his program: “That frees up space for people to enroll in the Healthy Indiana Plan that doesn’t exist today. So there will be more people that move into the exchanges and then it will free up about 10,000 more spots here.” That will help about 20 percent of the 53,000 Hoosiers on the waiting list for Healthy Indiana, leaving about 43,000, not to mention the 400,000 or so who would have coverage under the expanded Affordable Healthcare expanded Medicare coverage that Pence is resisting tooth and nail. Read more here.